Frequently Asked Questions

What is taught at Shaolin Club?
Shaolin Club offers classes in Wushu, Kung Fu and self defense for all ages.
Who teaches the classes at Shaolin Club?
Master Guo Zhifeng who is the founder of Shaolin Club will be teaching.
What is the age limit to join?
Most our classes are suitable for everyone to join. There is no maximum age limit; but the minimum age we would recommend is from 5 years. This is because very young children may struggle to concentrate for a whole session. We do assess very young children and may advise on waiting for another year before they can join. Certain classes might be dedicated to certain age groups.
Can parents to come to watch?
Parents are more than welcome to visit Shaolin Club; but we do require all parents to not disturb any classes.
How do I enroll to Shaolin Club?
You can contact us at 8787 9777 or email to
What kinds of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, card, cheque, or bank transfer.
How much is the school fees at Shaolin Club?
Our fees vary from course to course. Please check with us concerned for the fees payable.