Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is taught at Shaolin Club?

Shaolin Club offers classes in Wushu, Kung Fu and self defense for all ages.

Who teaches the classes at Shaolin Club?

Master Guo Zhifeng , the founder of Shaolin Club will be teaching.

What is the age limit to join?

Most of our classes are suitable for everyone to join. There is no maximum age limit; but the minimum age we would recommend is from 5 years. This is because very young children may struggle to concentrate for a whole session. We do assess very young children and may advise on waiting for another year before they can join. Certain classes might be dedicated to certain age groups.

Can parents come to watch?

Parents are more than welcome to visit Shaolin Club; but we do require all parents to not disturb the class while the lesson is ongoing.

How do I enroll in the Shaolin Club?

You can contact us directly at 8787  9777/6612 8688

or email us to

How much is the courses fees at Shaolin Club?

Our fees vary from course to course. Please check with us concerned for the fees payable.

What is the benefit of learning WuShu?

Kungfu training in specialised fighting styles enable practitioners to reach their full physical potential. Students will see great improvement in their flexibility, coordination, reflexes, strength, speed, edurance, cardio respiratory function and more!

why ShaoLin Club?

You will know why once you tried. And we offer free trial class!

Tell us more about You!

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可以直接拨打电话 8787 9777 或 6612 8688








Learn about ShaoLin Culture


Self defense/ Protection, gain confidence

防身自卫术学习/ 保护自己 增加自信

Accumulate school CCA points

学校 CCA课外活动分数累积

Become a Wu Shu champion

参加比赛 成为冠军  追求卓越

Develop intelligence, physical fitness / strengthen immune system

开发智力  增强体质/ 增强免疫系统  强身健体

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