About us

The origin of Shaolin Club

Established in 2011, Shaolin Club was established in 2011 by founder Guo Zhifeng. The only master in the club and a wushu coach to more than 200 students, he learnt the martial art at Shaolin Temple. He has been practicing the art for more than 30 years, with more than 15 years of experience as a wushu coach.

Master Guo Zhifeng
Guo Zhi Feng, a native of Handan, Hebei Province, born in 1982, grew up in the world of martial arts. He had a strong interest in martial arts since his father’s strict discipline and education. After decades of hard training in Shaolin Temple, he has now become familiar with the key points of mastering most of the essence of Shaolin Martial Arts and Chinese traditional Kung Fu.

He have long focused on martial arts teaching as you know martial arts exercises comes with the risk of injuries and accidents, the Shaolin Club has maintained a record of 0 injuries for ten years since it’s opening, and it is entirely dependent on the careful teaching of the master. Our students are ranged from youngest 3 to the eldest 80 years old, both men and women. There are different teaching methods for different ages and sexes, this requires a very high standard to our master. Guo Zhi Feng’s long-term teaching summed up a series of teaching experience can completely guarantee that when you learn, the more you want to learn and the healthier you’ll become!