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ShaoLin Club Classes and Courses

Shaolin Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art that originated from the Shaolin Temple in China. It is known for its dynamic and powerful movements, as well as its focus on both physical and mental training.

There are many different courses available for those interested in learning Shaolin Kung Fu, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Some of the most common Shaolin Kung Fu courses are available in Singapore ShaoLin Club.

All Classes Include:

  • Kids Kung Fu
  • Adult Kung Fu
  • Martial Arts for Health
  • Self defense/Kickboxing
  • ShaoLin Weapons
  • ShaoLin Disciple Class

Intro & Beginner Classes

Kids KungFu

Shaolin Club offers authentic Shaolin Kung Fu lessons for your kids. All of our coaches are from the elite groups in the Shaolin Temple. Our teaching philosophy is to stimulate children’s interest in Kung Fu. Then gradually improve their speed, strength, endurance and flexibility. Shaolin Kung Fu can also help your child to improve his/her body immunity, posture and overall health. Apart from that, it will also help your child to boost his/her self-esteem and confidence, shaping him/her into an independent individual.


Adults KungFu

Shaolin Kung Fu has been spread to many parts of the world, including Singapore. Shaolin Club has begun classes to cater to Wushu enthusiasts and in every lesson, we offer a variety of courses, including Tai Chi, boxing, Traditional Shaolin Wushu, and many different forms of weaponry routines. We do have personalized classes as well, and the training is conducted according to one’s interest.This course is designed for beginners and focuses on teaching the foundational movements and techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu.


Martial Arts for Health 

Health preservation has always been our pursuit. In the Shaolin Club, you can not only learn Shaolin martial arts, but also know a better life. Therefore, we have established health preservation courses including Tai Chi, Da Bei Quan, Qigong, etc. for everyone to learn and experience. Taijiquan is one of the traditional Chinese fitness boxing techniques. It is a health-preserving technique that emphasizes the unity of nature and humanity and the unity of form and spirit. 


Intermediate & Advanced Class

Self Defense/Sanda /kickboxing

Sanda is an unarmed confrontation in which two people follow certain rules and use offensive and defensive techniques in martial arts to subdue each other. It is an important part of Chinese martial arts. It is divided into ancient Sanshou (strong lethality) and modern Sanshou (more restrictions). The earliest development of ancient Sanshou, as Sanshou, must be able to fight against single-player and weapon or multiplayer fighting, using head, fingers, palms, fists, elbows, shoulders, knees, legs, hips, arms and other parts to attack.



This course focuses on the use of traditional Shaolin weapons such as the stick, spear, and sword. 

Shaolin Kung Fu weapon courses teach students how to use these weapons safely and effectively, as well as how to incorporate them into their overall martial arts practice. Students learn the proper techniques for holding and wielding each weapon, as well as how to use them in both solo and partner practice. Weapon courses also focus on improving a student’s strength, coordination, and timing, as well as their mental focus and discipline.


ShaoLin disciple class 

Authentic Shaolin kung fu, for those who sincerely apprehend martial art. The authentic, traditional, and real Shaolin Kung Fu is taught in strict accordance with the “master-apprentice system” and taught by the “master’s comprehensive assessment of disciples”. The formula is used as the medium. It is combined with the traditional patriarchal system of the Shaolin Temple, and the art is passed on from generation to generation by monks accepting disciples and giving art. The recognition of the inheritor’s qualifications is based on the inheritance system of Zen Buddhism.

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From Our Parents

My son has been learning in Shaolin club for a year now. The master is truly good and devoted in imparting skills to the students. Compared to another reputable school, the teaching and discipline in the conduct is so much better. Hope the Shaolin spirit excels and builds up more disciples in Singapore.

-Edmund Ho

My son goes to Shaolin Club. 师父 balances between pushing him, and making it fun for him. 师父 is obviously an expert, and is friendly to advise parents too. Hopes this helps my son to improve fitness and mental resiliency. He has maintain discipline in getting ready and attending classes, and that’s great!

-Glenn Neo

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