Our Production

Shaolin Club is not only a place to practice martial arts, in order to better promote Shaolin culture, we also often participate in the creation and release of various films and books.

Singapore First Global Kungfu Exam

Singapore’s first Global Kung Fu Test Conference, a brand-new martial arts Presentation contest will be grandly held in the beautiful Lion City. With completely new competition rules and regulations, it will be an entirely new outlook. We wish all our athletes to get a wonderful grade! On the other hand, all the judges will be giving on-site guidance and demonstrations, as well as amazing sets of performances. Also the key judges will be performing on-site! There is a limitation for the number of contestants and programs, in order to have a better experience. Due to the epidemic situation, unfortunately, the test conference was delayed. We will update the time again, come and join us! Look forward to seeing you there!



Singapore International Wushu Cultural Festival 2019

The 4th International Wushu Invitational Tournament is Singapore’s first time taking part in the Global Wushu cultural exchange program. There are groups of kung fu fans from all over the world who have participated in this ‘Belt and Road’ Cultural festival. And they did have their great times here.








Kungfu Travel

To have an immersive experience of martial arts culture, Shaolin Club launched KungFu Travel. Our trip starts from the Beijing Forbidden City to Henan Dengfeng Shaolin Temple. Participants will be able to enjoy the scenic area as well as have a taste for the local cuisine. They will follow the Shaolin monks, and indulge in learning the true martial arts. Meanwhile, to get to experience historic Shaolin Chan Wu culture.

Event tour attractions includes the Beijing Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Shaolin Temple, San Juan Village, two ancestral Um, Dharma Cave, His Holiness Temple, the Yongtai Temple, Zhongyuemiao Longmen Grottoes, Songyang Academy, the White Horse Temple. Beautiful views are along the way of the trip. Participants will have authentic Beijing roast duck, delicious dumplings from Dumplings Park, large varieties of ZhongYuan noodles in the wild environment. Get a chance to have local special countryside cuisine. Shaolin club members will have privileges to stay in Shaolin Temple, also with completely the same meals as ShaoLin Monk.

This Kungfu trip provides a good opportunity to immerse in the Shaolin Temple and learn ShaoLin movements from Shaolin monks. Courses include Shaolin traditional fist, soft boxing, tai chi, internal organs Heart Baduanjin and meditation courses.

We also will be visiting the Yasukuni Shaolin Temple abbot, he always shares his martial arts experience in exploring various techniques in ShaoLin WuShu which allows everyone to improve their skills.

At the end of the KungFu trip, participants will get a certificate and souvenir of this visit to Yasukuni. Also to take pictures with our ShaoLin masters!


为身临其境感受功夫文化,少林俱乐部推出功夫旅行这项活动。从北京故宫到河南登封的少林寺,学员们可以一路欣赏风景名胜、品尝特色美食、与少林武僧切磋武艺、感受历史悠久的少林禅武文化。 活动游览的景点包括北京故宫,天坛,少林寺,三皇寨,二祖庵,达摩洞,法王寺,永泰寺,中岳庙,龙门石窟,嵩阳书院,白马寺等等。 学员们将品尝正宗北京烤鸭,饺子园美味饺子,中原的各种面食,还可以在山间野外吃到当地特色乡间美食、小吃。

同时还有少林俱乐部学员独特优待,即在少林寺内与少林和尚共餐,体验风味绝佳的少林素食。 功夫旅行中同时也有机会在少林寺和少林武僧一起学习,一起练习少林传统拳,柔拳,太极拳,内功心法,八段锦。与少林和尚们一起参加禅修课程。

组织学员参拜少林寺的方丈,他会与大家一起交流习武心得、探讨练习少林武术的各种问题,在学习交流中功夫有所进益。 功夫旅行结束,大家会得到这次参拜的证书和纪念品,并且可以和各位大师合影留念!

Zen Kungfu

Anyone who grew up watching kung fu movies will definitely know about Shaolin Temple’s monks. Renowned as legendary pugilists, their martial arts training is known to be arduous. Interested to catch a glimpse of what the Shaolin professionals had been training in the Shaolin temple without having to fly all the way to China? This coming 3rd March 2013, Shaolin Club proudly presents Zen Kungfu to you, where you’ll get to find out what Shaolin martial arts can achieve. This event aims to introduce the origins of Shaolin Wushu and also encourage appreciation of the martial arts in Singapore. Zen Kungfu is a large-scale theatrical act produced by Shaolin Club in collaboration with Shaolin Temple. This theatrical act showcases the perfect combination of Zen and martial arts, which includes weaponry demonstrations, traditional routines and shaolin jumps and flips. Last but not least, we have specially invited a professional lion dance troupe for the grand finale. With our dedication to this performance, we hope to bring you through an unique experience and a different perspective into Shaolin Kungfu. We sincerely hope that you will join us in this memorable night on 3rd March 2013 at Kallang Theatre. We promise a breath-taking and heart-stopping performance awaiting you and we hope that you will be there to witness this once in a lifetime experience with us. See you there!


菩提本无树,明镜亦非台。 本来无一物,何处惹尘埃。 一段蕴育传奇功夫的神秘传说 一座见证千年风雨的佛教古刹 一种传承明心见性的禅宗修行 超越所在,突破自我,少林是武是禅,是行云流水的艺术是收心敛性的哲学,你所听说过的少林,你所不了解的少林,共赴少林武术表演会,答案你来揭晓——少林文化的奇幻之旅,等你冒险。 悠远宁静的少林禅乐和宜动宜静虚实相生的童子功木鱼功表演,将带领您快速进入禅的意境;禅语小故事全面阐释少林“禅文化”少林传统武术表演,少林七星拳、 通臂拳、 罗汉拳、 大,小洪拳轮番上阵,刺激您的视觉。借助木箱等道具,亲临现场的您将体验少林武僧带来超越杂技和特效的艺术享受。 真实还原武僧“打山门”的惊险与精彩,虎拳,龙拳,猴拳:少林象形拳见真招;醉拳,醉棍,醉剑:十八般兵器比高下,习武师生同台献艺,舞狮舞龙齐送贺礼,小学员们将一一展示他们精湛的武艺,热闹非凡。