Latest Updates


We have resumed our training for about a month, please take note that there are some changes for our daily training routine.

The training distance between every student is at least 2 meters. There will be no more than 8 students allowed in each class and we will try to keep our class size small. Parents are still not allowed to enter the room when the lesson is ongoing for this period of time.

Apart from that, we are glad to share with you that Singapore’s first Global Kung Fu Test Conference is in the process of intensive preparation. Meanwhile, our upcoming event, Shaolin Cultural Festival will be held in the near future as well! 

Stay in tuned! We look forward to having you here joining us together for all the memorable occasions!




We are a private martial arts school that has been open for more than 10 years. Many wushu devotee enjoy having lessons and having lots of fun here. Our instructors are from the area of origin of Wushu, The ShaoLin Monastery. They have more than a decade of experience in KungFu training and devoted themselves to advocate traditional martial arts spirits.

More than thousands of students have been trained here. Currently there are still 200+ students having training lessons here, as we are still expanding.

Our students cover all ages, no age limits for learning WuShu. It is helpful for our physical wellbeing and fitness by exercising WuShu. 

Furthermore, there are various courses in different categories for you to choose from. Our instructors are all here to help if you are not sure which course is suitable for you, as everyone has different levels of capability.